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Learn The Magic Formula!

What sets my method apart from all other teachers is my initial emphasis on revealing the underlying structure of music.  This "Magic Formula" allows a student to understand right from the beginning how each thing they learn relates to everything else.  It is the understanding of these relationships that enables my students to quickly learn to play along with anything they encounter, or to improvise and create their own music.  This accelerates them past the frustratingly slow progress that students following other programs experience.   So call right away and sign up for:

Lessons that take you directly toward your goal!

  • Designed to bring quickest progress

  • All ages, all levels

  • Custom tailored to your interests

  • Applicable to any style of music

  • Exercises to develop optimal technique

  • Easily play by ear in any situation

  • Practical uses of basic music theory

  • Studies for sight reading music also available

    Instruction available for voice, guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, ukulele, dulcimer, song writing, music theory, clarinet and other instruments, for professional performance or for your own private enjoyment.  Your instructor for the listed instruments is Alan Roy Wilhite, who has over 30 years experience teaching thousands of lessons, constantly focusing on improving the way instruction is conveyed to the students, making it possible to custom tailor the lessons to each individual's learning style and interests.  He has also been performing professionally for more than 30 years, so the method he teaches is what is most practical for learning to actually make music.

    The main focus is the study of musical relationships.  This reveals how everything in music works, making it obvious which scales and chords to use at any time to make your desired music.  Transposition to different keys becomes nearly instantaneous, construction of any chord becomes obvious (no chord dictionaries needed), and choice of the best scale is easy.  Knowing the musical relationships is what makes it possible to easily play along with any kind of music, in any situation, and to improvise freely.  The presentation of this study of musical relationships is one of the most important differences that sets Alan Roy's method apart from most any other music instruction available, and is why many professional musicians who have had years of prior experience exclaim after taking their first lesson with Alan Roy, "I wish I had been shown this a long time ago!". 

    Everything in Alan Roy's method is practical and direct for getting you to your goals as quickly, efficiently and profficiently as possible. Students normally take a one hour lesson once each week, at a set time and day reserved for them, using the week between lessons to review, practice and gain proficiency of new material.  Some prefer to take lessons twice or three times per week in order to progress more quickly, or  take longer than an hour lesson.  Less frequent appointments, such as an hour every other week, or a half hour instead of an hour, are available for people with budget constraints, and may be paid lesson by lesson.  Rescheduling is available at any time for people with variable schedules.  Lesson times are generally Monday through Friday, day times and evening times, with other days possible by special arrangement.  People coming during their lunch hour, or during the middle of the day can avoid rush hour traffic.  Most people pay for a month or more at a time to avoid having to write a new check every week, or having to remember to bring cash.

    All lessons are guaranteed.

    Call (512) 797-1906 to schedule a private music lesson at a time convenient for you.